Monthly Archives: September 2018

3 Marks of a Lasting Business Team

The best sports teams don’t just come together automatically. It can take months, even a year or two, for a coach to really find a successful team. Business teams don’t just happen either. Although many managers believe that the secret... Read More

How to Increase Your Employee Retention Rates

Replacing an employee can slow down your business’s productivity and efficiency. Even more than that, it can cost twice an employee’s salary to hire a replacement and get that person up to speed. Employee retention has to be part of... Read More

The Top 5 Motivational Tips for Small Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner isn’t easy. There’s usually no one to push you to get up each morning and keep going. Here are five motivational tips that can boost your energy, self-confidence and drive. Make New Year’s... Read More

Could Your Business Plan Use a Tune Up?

A business plan is not like a school assignment that you do once and forget. It’s a living document that can help you stay focused as your business moves through different stages. It’s like a roadmap. If you find yourself... Read More