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Do You Need to Use Collateral for Business Financing?

Having valuable business assets which can be used as collateral will always make your loan application more appealing to a lender, but the question is whether or not collateral is a hard requirement on most business loans. Generally speaking, most... Read More

What Is an Unsecured Business Line of Credit?

There are a couple of different types of lines of credit in business, and most business owners would prefer to have an unsecured business line of credit since it does not involve the requirement of collateral to secure it. There... Read More

Small Businesses Can Benefit from Using Microsoft Excel for Accounting

Microsoft Excel has been a staple in American offices for years. As part of the larger Microsoft Office suite of programs, Excel spreadsheets help people keep track of thousands of pieces of business data in a single convenient location. If... Read More

Keeping Your Customers Loyalty Takes Effort

It’s a common mistake among small businesses to focus attention on attracting new customers at the expense of nurturing the ones it already has. Both types of customers are vital to the ongoing success of a company. Below are some... Read More