Being eco-friendly in your business has many benefits, but it can seem like a daunting task. There’s no reason to completely revamp your office space. You can start being more eco-friendly with these simple ideas.

Check Your Office Supplies

Make changes by using recyclable paper, refillable pens and recycling office products. You’ll keep more items out of landfills and save money. Put someone in charge of office supplies to prevent over-purchasing items. Make each person responsible for reducing their carbon footprint by utilizing supplies more effectively.

Recycle, Upcycle or Reuse Furniture and Technology

Before replacing furniture and technology in your office, ask yourself if there is a way to update the old pieces without buying new. If you absolutely need new technology, consider donating the old pieces to a non-profit or school. Repurpose furniture instead of buying new.

Energy-Efficient Products

As you replace lighting or other appliances in your office, go for energy-efficient products as rated by ENERGY-STAR. You may get rebates on some products, plus you’ll save money on your utilities. If you can use renewable energy in your business, take advantage of it. There are many green incentives for large and small companies, but you may need to plan ahead.

Source Goods and Services Locally

Check your procurement policies. Look for goods that have produced sustainably without excess packaging. Talk to your suppliers about where they get their products. Support local suppliers that are committed to carbon-neutral delivery methods. Not only does this reduce your dependence on oil and gas, it also keeps your tax dollars in your community.

Mailing and Postage

If your business still sends out invoices or other mailings, see if you can go digital. If you can’t, use recyclable envelopes and paper. Instead of putting a separate reply envelope in the mailing, use reversable envelopes.

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