Hiring good people is a good start, but there’s a lot more you can do regularly to strive for success.

This is because a good business team is supposed to be dynamic – everyone has different perspectives, reasons for being there, things that motivate them, and things that can make them want to leave and work for someone else.

That’s part of the challenge facing the better managers: not only do they have to create a positive environment where everyone gets along and does what they’re supposed to, but they should also find methods to develop a stronger, brighter business team.

Try these strategies:

  • Be hands off while being hands on. When things get busy, it’s easy to want to jump in yourself and say “not now” when someone needs help. It’s just as easy to check in too much to the point of interrupting people’s productivity or making them feel like they’re not trusted or being watched. Ideal managers need to find that perfect in-between spot where their business teams are left alone to do what they’re supposed to but know that you’re always available. 
  • Post visible goals. A great way to show that everyone is part of the same business team is by displaying something prominent that everyone showing a certain metric or objective. Maybe levels of sales? Maybe call time? Maybe products? This can be updated regularly as things change and improve. Individual performers can also be highlighted, such as sales staff, but the support staff also can be commended.  If you lack something visible to tell people why they’re being praised, general encouragement may fall flat. 
  •  Emphasize priorities. Although you hope the employees will do well at everything you throw at them, giving them too much freedom can be overwhelming or confusing. Instead, everyone should be given certain priority tasks. This can also help you in figuring out what guidance to give them to help accomplish these areas, including finding ways to keep them on certain tasks.    

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