The many responsibilities inherent in entrepreneurship involve considerable sacrifices of time and energy. Once you’ve had some experience as an entrepreneur, you learn that occasional setbacks are part of the inevitable cost of doing business. However, when you are just starting out, you may find it difficult to maintain your equilibrium in the face of adversity.

Here are some thoughts on how to sustain motivation when the going gets tough.

Focus on Your Goals

The culmination of entrepreneurship is the achievement of career goals. On difficult days, these may seem all but out of reach. Remind yourself of your long-term goals by writing them down and posting them in an easily visible place. On a day-to-day basis, create to-do lists of tasks that get you closer to your business and personal goals, and cross them out as you accomplish them. Avoid forgetting crucial details by preparing notes, phone alarms, and other reminders. Share your most important goals with close family members and friends, so that they can provide motivational good will and encouragement.

Consider Your Health

In entrepreneurship, you need to be motivated for the long haul. For the strength and endurance you need, it is imperative that you remain healthy. To ensure this, exercise regularly, and eat balanced, nutritional meals. Additionally, getting a full night’s sleep gives you the energy to persevere.

Obtain Inspiration From Others

All successful entrepreneurs have had to overcome innumerable obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. Obtain inspiration from their stories, and learn from their mistakes. For instance, the “Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club” offers recommendations of motivational reading material. Other sources of motivation include inspirational films, podcasts, and music.

Celebrate Accomplishments

On the path to your ultimate career goals, don’t forget to take breaks and celebrate milestone accomplishments. Go out for drinks or dinner, take a well-earned vacation, or purchase something you’ve long wanted to remind yourself that despite the occasional setbacks, you’re making progress.

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