The environment in which you work has a significant effect on productivity. If an office is cramped, dismal, and full of incompatible employees, motivation takes a nosedive, but a vibrant, well-lit, congenial workplace inspires creativity, resourcefulness, and initiative.

Here are some tips on how to boost productivity by enhancing your office environment.

Emphasize Comfort

Employees who work in an attractive, comfortable office environment are motivated to put forth their best efforts. Ergonomic furniture enhances productivity by minimizing fatigue and muscle aches. Plenty of plants scattered around the work area freshen the air and brighten spirits. Encourage employees to personalize their work spaces with photos, artwork, and other individualistic touches. Allow them to get up and leave their work stations when necessary to stretch, walk around, play games, and otherwise unwind.

Provide Sufficient Lighting

Access to plenty of natural light energizes and uplifts your employees. However, even in office situations in which this is not an option, provide plenty of lighting in warm tones to promote relaxation, inspire calmness, decrease fatigue, boost energy, and spur productivity.

Select the Right Employees

Hiring the right people is of primary importance in creating a productive office environment. Your employees must not only be talented, but also compatible with each other. Bad attitudes can be contagious, so don’t hesitate to let toxic workers go. Look for employees that have attitudes of helpfulness and support for their teams.

Encourage Open Communication

Employees appreciate an office environment in which they receive feedback for their work. They derive motivation from the realization that they are contributing to the company’s overall success. Solicit opinions from employees and managers on new projects and other important decisions. Additionally, remember to express gratitude for the efforts that employees make to contribute to the success of the business.

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