When your business is expanding, it’s important to maintain the corporate culture that made it great, to begin with. Keep reading for several tips on how to do just that.

Start With a Strong Culture

You’ll have a much easier time maintaining your business’s corporate culture if it’s built on a strong foundation in the first place. Start out by defining which values you want your business’s culture to reflect. For instance, one Forbes.com contributor recommends identifying three to five concise, actionable values. 

Keep an Eye toward Your Culture’s Values

As your business grows, be sure to continually articulate the elements that make up its corporate culture. Whether your business is built on a foundation of long days rewarded with great compensation or is more laid back with an emphasis on work-life balance, make sure employees know the standards they are supposed to meet. This starts in the recruitment process: A laid-back candidate might be a better fit for a relaxed culture than a culture that prioritizes the grind, and vice versa.

Recognize Culture Champions

Recognition for employees is vital to making them feel energized and valued, especially when a business is expanding in size or scope. Therefore, another strategy for maintaining corporate culture is to elevate people who exemplify your company’s values. This can come in the form of promotions for those who are suited for leadership positions. It can also simply carving out time to recognize lower-level employees who go above and beyond.

Follow Up and Tweak Your Culture

Though it’s not advisable to change your culture overnight, some tweaking may be necessary as your business matures. Regularly solicit feedback from your employees to find out where your culture is thriving and where it needs help. For instance, if your company prides itself on work-life balance but employees are frustrated by a manager regularly declining time-off requests, feedback may help you identify and fix this problem.

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