Conscientious small business owners are continually watchful for ways to increase output and growth at minimal cost. One of the most dynamic and cost-effective ways of utilizing top talent in the pursuit of your company goals is outsourcing. External service providers have the ability not only to take on mundane, time-consuming tasks, but also complex undertakings such as graphic design, software development, content creation, and administrative support.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of outsourcing for your business.

Select Service Providers Carefully

All service providers are not equally competent. Before you finalize an outsourcing agreement, look into a prospective provider’s training, experience, and references. Ask previous clients for feedback. Look for someone who has done similar work in your field with high approval ratings. If possible, review examples of their work, or ask for a rough plan of how they would accomplish the job you have in mind. Do not automatically default to the lowest bidder, as you may be sacrificing quality for price.

Define Projects Thoroughly

Once you have chosen the provider you want to work with, be as meticulous as possible in defining the parameters, details, and requirements of the project. This includes specifying a schedule for its finalization. If it’s your first time working with a service provider, consider starting with a fairly small simple job before you trust them with a major undertaking.

Draw Up a Contract

When you are outsourcing, never rely on word-of-mouth agreements. Get everything in writing, including project details, schedules, and price. If any changes need to be made after the work starts, put those in writing as well. For major projects, negotiate a series of payments when important milestones are reached. Be sure to specify who retains copyright ownership when creative work is completed.

Consider the Need for Ongoing Support

Some complex technological projects may require a guarantee of ongoing support after the work is done. If necessary, add a support clause into the original agreement so that you have this contingency if you need it.

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