Most small business owners think that entrepreneurship requires continual, nonstop effort, so they work themselves into a state of exhaustion that increasingly hinders productivity. In fact, quality work is best accomplished when you are well-rested and alert.

Here are some tips on how to balance your push to succeed with restorative relaxation.

Take Small Steps

Many fledgling entrepreneurs feel that they have to get everything done at once. This attitude leads to burnout. Instead, schedule work during your peak hours of productivity, and take regular short breaks to relieve fatigue and enhance memory and creativity.

Exercise Regularly

Relaxation is not synonymous with lethargy. Physical exertion calms you down, clears your mind, and restores your mental acuity. When you need a break from work, try cycling, hiking, or hitting the gym for a workout.

Schedule Periods of Reflection

Numerous top business leaders take lengthy breaks for relaxation, reading, and reflection, and from these interludes have sprung some of the dynamic ideas that have propelled their companies forward. If you can’t manage to take entire days off to reflect and strategize, at least schedule regular blocks of time that you can spend in contemplation. To aid in your reflection, turn off your devices and take a break from technology.

Bootstrap Your Company

When you obtain startup capital from venture capitalists, you pay for the quick infusion of cash with frenetic pressure to obtain quick results. When you finance your own company, you can generally proceed more slowly, step by step, with increased control and time to rest and relax along the way.

Maintain Work/Life Balance

Instead of allowing your business to become an all-consuming obsession, realize that it is only one facet of a well-rounded life. When you’re at work, put all your efforts into entrepreneurship, but when you leave your office, focus on other essential things such as friends, family, and recreation.

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