Managers often have a bad reputation: Movies like Office Space have portrayed them in an unfavorable light, and innumerable employees have left companies owing to bad management. However, good managers do exist—in droves—and this article lists several ways you can become one.

Don’t Cling to Bad Behaviors

Everyone has flaws, but for managers, it is important to work on flaws rather than explain them away. For example, a manager may jokingly say that his meetings run long because he is “just a talker,” but employees can quickly come to see that as the manager not respecting their time. A key part of business management is looking at your flaws as areas you can improve on rather than permanent features.

Help Employees Grow

A positive business management behavior is helping employees that you manage grow, according to Business News Daily. Ways you can achieve this are by listening to employees to find out what helps them perform well, providing feedback that is respectful but direct, and keeping tabs on their career goals to help them along the way. If employees see you are invested in them, they are more likely to stay invested in the company.

Deal With Conflict

Though it may be unpleasant, conflict is an unavoidable part of business management. New managers especially may feel uncomfortable dealing with conflict in the workplace, but it is important they do so nonetheless. According to, “Employees want a leader who stands up for them, clears a path, and makes it easier to do their jobs.” To accomplish that, it is necessary for managers to resolve conflicts from time to time. Hiding from conflict may cause employees to resent you, while dealing with it in a constructive way will make them feel valued.

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